Harvest Bar Family,

We want to thank you for your overwhelming support and love over the past year and a half. We were only able to be so incredibly successful because of you. We have had the best time serving this community. It has been a time filled with smiles, laughs, music, family, friends, great beer and excellent food! We are so incredibly lucky to have been able to do all that we have done, but more importantly to have shared it with all of you.

In this ever changing world we are not immune to the ebbs and flows of life. We have had a difficult time expanding and reaching our true potential in the space we are currently in. That is why we have chosen to leave and move on to bigger and better things. Please note that despite rumors that may be circulating we have done nothing wrong and are choosing to leave on our own volition. With this decision we are choosing a path that will bring us peace and prosperity, and will also bring you a brand new way to experience food, music, and fun!

Our new venture will bring you a more intimate and complete culinary experience. Come Winter of 2018 we are hoping you all will join us at The Cookery – Maine’s first and only yurt dining experience. We are currently in the process of developing our beautiful and ecologically diverse piece of property in East Bethel to accommodate an all-season yurt; which we will be erecting this August. This yurt will encompass a full commercial kitchen, dining area, and will double as a event space. There will also be a lovely gathering space outside the yurt in the grass under the Hemlocks and Cedars. We will be hosting reservation only dinners and live music weekly, specially priced locals dinners monthly, and special/ private events whenever the occasion arises. This project is only the beginning of the work we plan to do on this enchanting plot of land. We are so excited to be able to start sharing these special projects with our wonderful community. As many of you know we have had this goal since before we opened Harvest Bar and now all the right doors have been opened for us to start making our dreams everyones reality.

As we iron out all the details we encourage you to keep yourself up to date on our progress by visiting our website – www.thecookerymaine.com. We are working on unique building projects everyday on the property. If you are interested in helping build the yurt or working with the land, volunteer opportunities are available and always appreciated.

We will be open as usual until July 22nd. This will be our last regular day of business. The following week we will be making some much needed space for a spectacular and not to be missed blow out on July 29th to commemorate everything we have done and experienced together at Harvest Bar and to share in our joy about moving on to the next and equally beautiful stage of our business ventures. The day will be jam packed with music from some of our favorite regulars (Singepole Mountain Band, Hambone, The Northside Ramblers, and Bandwich), and will also have food specials, and lots of drink specials (we must not let there be a drop left of the finest Maine craft beer has to offer). Festivities will start at 2pm and go all night! We hope everyone whose been impacted positively by Harvest Bar (big or small) will attend, share, and enjoy one last visit to a place that will always live in Quinn and I’s memories as a truly special and remarkable gathering place for some of the finest people this world has to offer.

Thank you again Bethel. We can’t wait to continue surprising you and shaking things up a little bit in the process.

“In reality, everything is perfect.”
“All actions have the perfect reaction.” ~ Sri Dharma Mittra